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Welcome to Ducklings Nursery page
Mrs Edwards and Mrs Bartlett are the Ducklings Nursery class teachers.
Mrs Moore is our nursery nurse.

Ducklings teaching staff
Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Moore

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The Ducklings have all settled in nicely

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Autumn Walk

On a lovely, sunny October afternoon, the Ducklings Nursery children went for a walk around the school grounds, looking for signs that Autumn had arrived.  They found lots of red, yellow and brown leaves, twigs and oak-apples.  The children used these in their artwork for the rest of the week to create an Autumn picture for the classroom wall.

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Kyle from Luton Town Football Club was our coach for the afternoon
We ran around to warm up and did lots of stretches.
We practised dribbling and stopping the ball  and played some fun games.
Bonfire Night
Ducklings created lots of different fireworks using paints, glitter and collage materials.
Guitar teacher, Jeff Howe visited nursery and we sang some of our favourite songs.
Ducklings class supported Children in Need by wearing our slippers in school.
Autumn Display
Healthy Heart and Mind Afternoon
Diwali Celebrations

Ducklings class learnt about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali.
We made and decorated diva lamps
Chalked Rangoli patterns to the entrance of the nursery
Then performed some dances in traditional dress.
The children enjoyed joining in with the Ducklings' Class Christmas party.  They energetically played musical statues, carefully took turns to pass the parcel and listened attentively to Father Christmas.  
Magic Dave came to entertain the Foundation Stage Children.  He mesmerised the children with a variety of magic tricks.  The children sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" with Daisy the Cow, who wished them a "Happy Moo Year!"  Quackers the Duck made them giggle with all his jokes and the children were spell bound by the moving talking Elf picture.
Morning Nursery
The children have made the transition to the morning nursery sessions smoothly and are enjoying lots of activities.
Afternoon Nursery
Afternoon Children have quickly learnt the nursery routines and are settling in well.  They have all participated in lots of indoor and outdoor activities
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Christmas 2015
Meet our new Ducklings

Ducklings morning class

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese Meal
Ducklings recreated a chinese restaurant by making a chinese meal whilst listening to chinese music. Then they even tried to eat the meal with chopsticks.
Chinese Parade
Ducklings performed a chinese dragon dance in P.E. using instruments and waving ribbons.
Chinese Lanterns, Fish Kite and Lucky Envelopes.
The children copied chinese symbols to decorate the lanterns, before carefully cutting them out and then adding glitter and streamers.  They also made beautiful fish kites and found surprises in the lucky red envelopes that they had made.
Ducklings afternoon class
Ducklings' Spring-time Walk

On March 7th the children in the morning and afternoon Ducklings groups went for a walk around the school grounds, looking for signs that Spring had arrived.  The children saw blossom on one tree, buds that will open into leaves on other trees, and lots of Spring flowers like daffodils and hyacinths.  They were excited to see daisies growing in the grass, and they looked at our new school pond.  
Toddle Waddle

On April 19th the children in the Nursery Ducklings class went on a Toddle Waddle, walking three times around the school field.  This is our annual event to raise money through sponsorship for the charity; "Meningitis Now".  The charity's mascot is Monty the duckling, so this is a particularly apt event for our Ducklings class to take part in.

The weather was warm and sunny, Mrs Bianco set us off on our way, and all the children had great fun finding duck faces numbered 1 to 10 hanging on the fence around the edge of the field.  The day before, they had all made a duckling head-dress, which they wore with pride.  Everyone completed the course and we look forward to receiving the sponsorship money over the next few weeks.
Summer Intake Children
Summer intake children settling in
Outdoor Play
Morning Group