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Welcome to Mrs. Scott's Year 1 Penguins page

with support from Mrs Lay-Flurrie, and Mrs Scholes
Class Information:
Book changes: Monday and Thursday ( please remember to sign and/or comment in your child’s reading record so we know it has been read and needs changing).

Trim trail - Monday

Library book changes - Tuesday

PE:  – Inside: Thursday
      - Outside: Wednesday

Show and Tell: Wednesday (the children will be informed when it is their turn)
Meet the class - Penguins 2015 - 2016

Penguins teaching and support Staff

Mrs Lay-Flurrie, Mrs Scott and Mrs Scholes

The children have had a lovely half term exploring their topic Where The Wild things Are.

They have explored:

Animals in the home and garden
They explored animals they might find in their garden and those that they might keep as pets. They considered the needs of these animals and how they should be cared for. They learnt about the different birds that visit their garden thanks to Mrs Butt. They also worked in small groups to decorate a bird box that will be used to encourage birds to the school site.

Farm animals
This involved a visit from Ark Farm where they got to meet a range of farm animals. They also found out about where and how they live and their eating habits. This was a hands on and enjoyable experience for all involved. The children also explored animals and their young, learning new names and exploring life cycles. The children enjoyed using cutting and joining techniques to make their own farm animal masks.
Wild animals
The children were visited by The Raptor Foundation where they learnt, explored and experienced different types of owls and a member of the eagle family. The children were mesmerised by our visitors, especially as they took flight around the hall. They also explored the eating habits of a raptor through the dissection of an owl pellet. They were amazed at how many bones are in each pellet. The children have explored the world map and where different animals originate, considering why the animals were best suited to their habitat.
We also explored Tinga Tinga art work and used examples as inspiration for our own recreations of Tinga Tinga art using African animals as the main focus. Alongside this the children have also enjoyed exploring the Tinga Tinga tales, e.g. why the giraffe has a long neck.
In computing the children have been using their knowledge of animals to label parts of animals and consider their uses.
The children have also explored the different groups that animals belong to and why, e.g. mammals, reptiles etc.
Where The Wild Things Are
We ended the topic by exploring the story Where the Wild Things Are. The children worked on character descriptions and planned and wrote their own Wild Thing stories using the book as inspiration.

It has been a busy and fun term with many new experiences and skills!
Through the Keyhole

Through this term the children explored their house and other house types. With the help of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf they explored materials and their properties and their suitability for different purposes. They even helped the Big Bad Wolf choose a waterproof material for his house.
They also explore houses and life in a house in Victorian times with the help of Magic Granddad and their visit to The Higgins in Bedford.

We then moved on and explored our school and our village through looking at maps and plans. They considered what our village has a why and what they would like to add to our village. We also went out and about to explore our lovely village: surveying our shops and facilities and visiting two special places; St Georges church and library. They used the information they gathered about the village to work in groups to make accordion roads full of shops and houses in Design Technology.
Big Bad Wolf
The Higgins Trust
Post Lady Visit