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Welcome to Mrs. Collins & Mrs. Clough's -  Year 2 Toucans page
with support from Miss Herbert, Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Swan 
Mrs Collins, Deputy Head, (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Clough (Thursday, Friday)
Class Information

Fruity Friday is every Friday, please send your child along with 20p

Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

PE kits need to be available every day, including tracksuit trousers and sweatshirts for outdoor play.

Maths homework is sent home on Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday.

Spellings are given out on Friday, use sheet daily and keep at home.  Spelling tests are the following Friday. (Spelling sentence books will be given out on Friday after half term, Instructions are inside the front cover. Please return by Thursday).

Library Day is Thursday.

Trim Trail day is Thursday.

Bookbags with reading books need to be returned daily. (please send child's reading book with reading record every day and please sign reading record).
Toucans 2015 - 2016

Summer term 2 Planning

Summer term 1 Planning

Spring term 2 planning

Spring term 1 planning

Autumn term 1 planning

Autumn term 2 planning

Toucans teaching and support Staff

Mrs Collins, Mrs Clough, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Swan

Year Two enjoyed a celebration trail at St Albans Cathedral. They looked at the beautiful stained glass windows telling the story of the Nativity. They learned all about special items used at a christening and even took part in a pretend wedding. They were very lucky to hear organ Music and students rehearsing for a Musical concert.  
Frozen planet Take home task

We made some impressive take home tasks about either polar animals or polar explorers
During the first half of the Autumn term our theme in Year Two was the 'Frozen Planet'.
Our classrooms were cold and sparkling, just like the frozen parts of the planet.
Mr Zaidi came to visit to tell us all about polar explorers.
We did some drama with a partner where we had to imagine we were Ernest Shackleton being interviewed by a newspaper reporter.
As explorers, we worked in groups to decide what to save from our ship which was surrounded by ice. We had to negotiate and give reasons for our decisions.
Mrs Atkinson visited with her Husky dog.
We learnt about icebergs and the Aurora Borealis and used a range of materials and techniques to create a piece of art work.
During the second half of the Autumn term our theme in Year Two is 'The time machine: The Victorians' A battered time machine was discovered out side.
Rev Ann came to talk to us about her job as a leader. She told us all about the special clothes she wears when she leads a service.
Lewis was lucky enough to model her cassock and and surplus.
On Monday 30th December we all came to Toddington as normal but Toddington had turned into a Victorian School!

We met our teacher in the playground and were marched into class. We had our hands and nails checked before entering the classroom. We had to stand behind our chairs waiting for permission to sit down. Our teacher was very strict!

We had lessons just like those experienced by Victorian children. We recited out tables, read around the class, sounded words and practised our handwriting; we tried some gruel and even did drill.

We thought about the similarities and differences between school today and school in Victorian times.
On Wednesday 2nd November a  lady arrived on the time machine. She had travelled from Victorian times. She was a reporter and she told us about the story of Grace Darling and  Florence Nightingale. We asked her questions. She was amazed by our school and some of the things we have like electric lights.
On Thursday 10th December the children in Year 2 performed a Nativity play to their grown- ups. The play was called Shine Star Shine.
The big star needs to show the way to the stable where a special baby has been born, but there's one problem- He just can't shine. His friends, the other stars, try all they can to make him believe he can shine and when they lead him to the stable to see the baby he realises that Jesus' love will give him the strength to shine again.
The children gave a stellar show!
Finding the egg…
At the beginning of this term something amazing happened when we went into our classroom…the furniture had been overturned and there were footprints leading outside. We found a huge golden egg.

We looked after the egg to see what would happen and a Dragon hatched out! We looked after the dragon taking it in turns to take him home.
The egg hatched!
It was a baby dragon!

We suggested names and took a vote. We are going to call the dragon Ash.
We talked about how to look after Ash. Each night we are going to take it in turns to take him home to look after.
Winding Mechanisms

On Tuesday 19th January having found out about some castle parts, we watched a short clip of a real drawbridge in action.
In pairs we used a selection of materials to make our own winding mechanism.  We could try to find the best axle from a straw a wooden lolly stick or a card lolly stick.  For chains we experimented with shoe laces, string or wool.
We also tried different strengthening techniques and handles.
Sir Teachalot visited Toddington St George and taught us about different types of armour and weapons, jousting and castle building and castle sieges. We really enjoyed our day
Click on the middle button to start the slideshow
We had to design our own coat of arms. We had to think about the colours, animals and objects as each of these signifies something.

Do you like my coat of arms?
All good knights need a trust sword and shield. We used our coat of arms design on our shield and decorated our sword as part of our 'Turrets and Tiara's' banquet.

We also enjoyed the delicious treats everyone had made, such as dragons scales, Camelot cookies and Queens coins!
Turrets and Tiara's Banquet
Year 2 visited The Grove Theatre on World Book Day.
We enjoyed a production of 'Jest a story'.
We explored different ways to tell a story and heard a few jokes along the way!
On Monday 21st March Year 2 visited St George's church in Toddington for the Easter Experience. We thought about the symbols of the Easter story and especially the cross.

We came back to school with a Palm Sunday cross and chocolate Easter Egg!
On Tuesday 13th April we had to come to school with our bags packed, our passport and our ticket ready for our 'Flight to Africa'!
We had to go through passport control, baggage check and collect a boarding pass before waiting in the departure lounge.
Once the flight was called we boarded the plane and watched a safety video before take -off. We had some information about our destination and we watched some in-flight entertainment. Luckily we landed safely!
Our Wild and Wonderful World- African Study
We have learnt about the continent of Africa and in particular the country of The Gambia.

We learnt about Gambian food. Together we made and ate a tropical fruit salad.

Next we had a visit from Mamma Mombasa. She told us all about her life and family in The Gambia and how she cooks for her family. She brought some traditional chicken stew and rice, which we tried- delicious!

We designed and created African masks from a range of materials. After we evaluated what we had done and decided if we could make any improvements.

After we had seen some pictures of African jewellery, we created necklaces using a painting technique which prints small dots which look like beads.

This was good practise for painting some real clay African masks. We thought about the significance of the colours we were using and made sure our mask was symmetrical.

On Monday 6th June we had a special African day. We had a special visitor called Geeta who taught us about some Gambian beliefs, taught us a Gambian dance and introduced us to some language from Gambia. We even made props to support the dancing with grass skirts and jewellery bands.
Our Wild and Wonderful World- Local Study

On Tuesday 14th June we visited Ashridge. We did a woodland walk looking for signs of wildlife, we looked at a woodland habitat and did a bug hunt. We studied a pond habitat when we did pond dipping. We created a piece of 'bug art' using natural materials and luckily the rain held off so we could climb the monument.
In July we had some caterpillars in our class. We watched them eat and grow. They quickly changed into chrysalis. A few days later the butterflies emerged. We studied them as their wings dried and then we let them go.
We designed a mini-beast. Over a number of lessons we made the mini-beast by joining boxes with masking tape, wrapping the boxes with paper and paste and painting the boxes. Then we selected items to add the mini-beasts features such as decoration, eyes, legs and wings. After we had finished we evaluated our work by talking to a friend about what was easy and tricky to do, what we liked and disliked and what we would change if we could do it again.

Look at the photo of our finished work- what do you think?
In July we had to read and perform mini-beast poems. Next we had to write our own mini-beast poems which we performed to the class.
On Monday 11th July it was the Toddington St George C of E School open evening. We displayed all our lovely work and shared it with our grown-ups- what a lot we have achieved!