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Welcome to Hummingbirds - Year 2 (Key Stage 1)

Class Teacher:  Mrs Soor

Support from:    Mrs Davis
Hummingbirds 2017 - 2018

Hummingbirds Teaching and Support Staff
Mrs Davis and Mrs Soor

Class Information:

Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when your child has completed their book. (Please remember to sign their reading record and ask them questions about their book to show that they understand what they have read). Reading books need to be in school every day.

Library books are changed weekly on Friday.

Spellings and Maths homework are given out on Fridays

PE - indoor on Monday and outdoor on Tuesday.

Show and tell day is Tuesday (your child will be informed when it is their turn)

Spring Term 2 - Seaside Adventure

ICT Lesson

Hummingbirds using the school iPads to program a robot through a maze
Frozen Planet

During the first half of the Autumn term our theme in Year Two was the 'Frozen Planet'.
Our classrooms were cold and sparkling, just like the frozen parts of the planet.
We learnt about polar explorers and did some drama with a partner where we had to imagine we were Ernest Shackleton being interviewed by a newspaper reporter.

As explorers, we worked in groups to decide what to save from our ship which was surrounded by ice. We had to negotiate and give reasons for our decisions.

Miss Atkinson visited with her Husky dog.
We learnt about icebergs and created a piece of art work.

As part of our work in Religious Education we visited St Albans cathedral to undertake the celebrations trail, thinking about baptism and weddings.

Hummingbirds learnt about different emotions and acted them out.
In mathematics we played a game to learn our doubles.

As part of HHM day this term we enjoyed learning some Judo skills.
Victorian Day

We found out about life for Victorian children enjoying a Victorian school day.  We wrote on slates, recited our times tables, ate gruel at playtime and did a Drill. We enjoyed the day.
Time Machine

We learnt about a lot of famous Victorians. We made comparisons between Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.
Grace Darling appeared on the time machine and told us all about her life.
We also learnt about Florence Nightingale; comparing hospitals then with hospitals now
Christmas Jumper Day
Shine Start Shine - Nativity Play
We had an exciting day when our time machine brought back Grace Darling.  We learned about her daring rescue and how she lived in the Victorian age.
Finding the egg…
At the beginning of this term something amazing happened when we went into our classroom…the furniture had been overturned and there were footprints leading outside. We found a huge golden egg.  
Mrs Spencer came into our classroom to see if we were okay. She also checked the school site to make sure it was safe! What could be inside?
In Design Technology we designed, sewed, decorated and evaluated puppets linked with our theme of 'Turrets and Tiaras'. We think our puppets look great!
Sir Teachalot

On Thurssday 1st  February we had a visit from Sir Teachalot. We learnt all about Knights and armour; learning how the armour changed over time. We made a castle and destroyed it with a Trebuchet. The exciting day ended with some jousting!
Sliders & Levers

We learnt about different mechanisms for making moving pictures. We practised making sliders, levers and dials. Then we designed and made a moving picture related to our 'Turrets and Tiaras' theme. Some of our pictures had more than one moving part with more than one mechanism.

We had a special banquet. We designed and made special heraldic shields and swords. We played games, enjoyed delicious food and danced with the King and Queen leading our banquet. Thank you for all the delicious food!
World Book Day

We enjoyed WBD by dressing up as our favourite book character and we also shared our favourite  books in the classroom.
On Monday 26th March we were invited to Toddington St. Georges Church by Rev. Linda to take part in their Easter Experience. There were twelve stations related to the story of Easter week. At each station there was information and a small activity for children to complete with the guidance of the adult. The children behaved very well and thought carefully about aspects of the story. Thank you to Rev. Linda and the volunteers that helped.
Sport Relief