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Toddington St George Church of England School (Diocese of St Albans) is an inclusive Christian community in which the curriculum is underpinned by agreed values based on Christian teaching.  

The School Development Plan, school aims and policies enable every member of the school community to be valued as a child of God where they are given the opportunity to be inspired, challenged and supported in their learning and to receive committed, conscientious pastoral care.  

Our TSG philosophy is embodied in the school vision ‘Lighting a Spark in Every Child’.

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Introducing children to values (Christian and moral) supports their thinking and their personal, emotional, social  and spiritual development.

To this end we have a cycle of values which form the key themes for our Collective Worship times. Children and families are introduced to ‘big’ questions to consider as well as stories from the Bible, other faiths and children’s literature which illustrate

Collective Worship

CW Aims and Objectives
The school aims to respect the individuality and uniqueness of every pupil, not by indoctrination but by demonstrating, in word and deed, the reality and importance of the spiritual dimension of life.Children are taught about Religious Education in class using the SACRE syllabus. Collective Worship provides a unique opportunity for the school community to come together and to link religious wisdom to their daily lives, also celebrating the wonders of nature and human achievement, including their own. All pupils gather in the school hall for a Collective Worship. This daily session promotes positive attitudes towards living and establishes sound moral and spiritual values that will serve our pupils throughout their lives. It sets the tone for life at school and beyond.

Worship is based on a Christian worship format with all Christian festivals being celebrated. Opportunities are created to include an essence of the religions and beliefs of other cultures and we acknowledge and teach children about understanding global issues that young people need in modern society.Due reverence will always be given to beliefs, customs and artefacts of other religions in accordance with Diocesan guidelines. Collective Worship takes place in the school hall. Children from across the school take part in Collective Worship. Collective Worship is challenging and thought provoking, including a range of story, song, music, drama and visual stimuli. There is always be a time for quiet reflection and/ or prayer.

On Monday and Tuesday Mrs Spencer leads a Collective Worship, with Christian teaching underpinning it, related to the school value for that period. Wednesday is a Celebration day. We celebrate with children who have had a birthday that week. Children who have achieved a success out of school share this and receive a ‘Success Shield’ (Children should bring in their success and give it to their class teacher.) One child from each year group receives a gift from the ‘Star Box’. They can be nominated from anyone in the school and this can be for manners, kindness, setting an example etc. On Thursday we are fortunate to have a group from the local community from ‘Open the Book’ perform a story from the Bible. Friday is a celebration of good work where two children from each class receive a Well Done postcard. On Friday the ‘Behaviour Bears’ are also awarded to a class in each key stage demonstrating exemplary behaviour.

Collective Worship Policy

Hooked on Worship

On Thursday 14th March 2019, the theme was Commitment and Faith to summarise February’s value.  Ellie P, Chloe R, Lexie C, Connor J, Amelie M, Ashton M, James A and Grace B wrote and performed stories and a prayer.  They read a bible story and introduced a new song to the school. They worked well together and enjoyed planning and performing their ideas which were appreciated by the whole school.

Hooked on Worship is a lunchtime club for children to plan and prepare a Collective Worship before presenting the Worship to the school. Children from Year’s 3 and 4 can opt to take part. In Hooked on Worship the children include music, drama, story, song, poetry, prayer, art work and power point presentations. This club has been running since 2012 and is now well established.

On Thursday 7th February 2019, a new group of children presented their own act of Collective Worship in our special Hooked on Worship. The theme was Excellence and Gabriella H, James M, Lily K, Ishaan M, Isobella C, Kyle C, Ethan G and Meggy CG wrote and performed stories, songs, prayers and power point presentations. They had such fun planning and performing their ideas and were well received by the rest of the school who seemed to enjoy it too.

Support for Children and Staff

We teach about three hands of support .These are to help support children and staff.

The Smile Hand. This helps us think of things we can do to improve our mental health and well being.
We think of the 5 things we can do each day to improve our well-being; walking, talking, laughing and planning.

The Spiritual Hand.  This is for people to use their hand to support the staff and children in their prayer life. The fingers represent someone they want to pray for.
The thumb – People closest to them.
The forefinger – Anyone you shows us the way in life such as teachers.
The middle finger – Leaders at school and those that are in charge of the country.
The ring finger – For those you love such as family and friends.
The little finger – Those in need.

The Support Hand. We use this to help us think about those people who can help us or give us support in times of need.
The hand is shared with the staff and children in class, or in Collective Worship.
 We think of 5 people we trust to think who can support us and how they can be supported if things are         
worrying them too. Each finger represents a person we trust who can help us and who we can go to and talk things through.

Special School Services

The school holds a number of special school services throughout the year. These include Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Epiphany, Christingle, Easter .We also hold a Leavers Service at the end of the summer term.

Harvest Service

On Thursday 6th October 2016 we celebrated our Harvest Festival, which was led by Mrs Spencer.
Thank you for all your generous donations of food gifts. We had families donate tins and packets and even whole Harvest baskets. We met as a school to enjoy listening to the choir supported by Mrs Archer singing ‘Give me oil in my lamp’. We all enjoyed singing the hymn ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ and the Harvest song call ‘Harvest Samba’. Reverend Anne gave us a talk about sharing what we have and she showed us a seed pod which dissolves and scatters the seed inside. School council members Tilly Cornelius, Ethan Lawrence, Amy Davis and Mollie Evans explained to us about the welly walk and food bank. Six children did a reading from the Bible, with support from Mrs Coen: Tilly Cornelius, Roxy Schapp-Garrett, Emily Scholes, Holly Conway, Isla Macloed-Irvine and Rose Cozens. Reverend Anne gave a blessing.

Finally the choir sang again the hymn ‘You shall go out with joy’. We collected 335.8kg of food which is equivalent to 800 meals, a wonderful donation to the food bank. After our Harvest service we all went out together and completed a ‘Welly Walk’ around the school field. We enjoyed eating ‘Welly biscuits’ (thanks to Mrs Hooper who baked enough biscuits for everyone at school!). The ‘Welly Walk’ was to raise funds for farm Africa whose local staff enable farmers in East Africa to increase their harvests of farm crops, livestock. Once again many thanks for your kind generosity.


On Friday 11th November Mrs Spencer led our Remembrance service. Children from Years 1-4 each laid a poppy. The service included Emily Scholes and Daisy Harding singing a duet, two minutes silence, a power point of images to reflect on, a hymn and prayers. The children’s behaviour and respect was impeccable.

Remembrance Displays

To support this time of Remembrance the theme for the hall displays is currently peace. These can be seen below. Thanks go to pupils and staff for this work, especially Mrs Gaskin who also created our impressive entrance hall display.

Easter Service

On Tuesday 4th April Mrs Spencer led our Easter Service. Mr
Curtis came and talked to the children about ‘Easter Joy’. There were contributions from Isla Macloed-Irvine who sang a very
moving solo of ‘When I think about the cross’.

Imogen Collins led the singing for ‘Roll back the Stone’ and Dagmar Caygill lead the singing for ‘King of the Jews’ , both songs from the Year Three Easter play.

Lucy Archer led the Easter prayer and Amy Davies did a Bible reading.

Thanks go to Mr Curtis for his support and finishing our service with a blessing.


Following staff training we had a particular focus on the ‘Nativity’.
We hope you like the range of different Nativities the children made, focusing on the birth of Jesus.

In early years there was even a role play  area to re-enact the Nativity!
There were also some lovely displays either in relation to the Nativity or to the Year Group Christmas Performances.

Christmas Performances

On Monday 5th December the children in Reception performed their Nativity Play *** to the school. On Tuesday  6th December they performed again, this time to their grown ups. They did everyone proud learning their songs and words.

The Year Two children Performed their Nativity ‘A Way in a Manger’ to the school on Wednesday 7th December and their grown- ups on Thursday 8th December. The children performed a very professional show. Well done to them.

This year the children in Year Four performed a play called ‘The Peace Child’. They sang and acted beautifully to the school and their grown ups on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th December respectively.

Christmas Service

On Friday 18th December Mrs Spencer led our Christmas service ‘All Wrapped Up’- using the theme of being wrapped up. Mary and Joseph wrapped up to travel, the shepherds wrapped up on the hillside and Jesus wrapped up in the manger. Reverend Anne then showed us a gift wrapped up- full of love for everyone. The choir sang and Megan U and also sang a duet.


Mrs Spencer led an act of worship on Wednesday 3rd January explaining Epiphany. It marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas and celebrates the visit of the Wise Men to the baby Jesus. These men, often called Kings or Magi, brought valuable gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to honour the baby. The gift of gold was the gift people usually gave to their King. By giving gold they were recognising Jesus as their King. The second gift, frankincense, is a white gum from a tree which when hardened will burn giving off a fragrant smell. It was burnt as an offering to God during worship, used as a medicine and a perfume. The third gift, myrrh, also a gum from thorny tree was used for healing wounds because it is antiseptic, soothes redness and relieves pain. This was a symbol of the suffering that was to follow. The day before Epiphany is the twelfth day of Christmas and is sometimes called Twelfth Night. In the Church calendar the Epiphany season lasts until Shrove Tuesday. Two children- Aleena Khan and Noah Field Hall were crowned king and queen for the day. They have made some great suggestions about how we can improve the school.

Mrs Spencer set a problem for the children to solve 20 + C + B + M + 16.
The children worked out what this means. Ask your child and see if they can remember. Children were randomly selected to come and try the Galette des Rois, the special Epiphany cake. Two children ( Tilly C and Samuel D) found a coin and were crowned king and queen for the day. They wrote the puzzle in chalk on the door of each classroom as a blessing.


On our return from the Christmas holidays we had the opportunity to make Christingles. On Friday 5th January Mrs Spencer took a Christingle service.

A Christingle is a symbolic object and consists of:
An orange representing the world
A red ribbon around it representing the blood of Christ
Dried fruits shwered on cocktail sticks pushed into the orange, representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons; and
A lit candle pushed into the centre of the orange, representing Jesus Christ as the light of the world.

Travelling Crib

We were very fortunate in December to have a special travelling crib in school. Our thanks go to Tania Stanford from the Methodist Church for the kind donation of the beautiful basket with knitted figures, Nativity book, information and stable colouring sheet. This year the travelling crib visited every class and was taken home by some children so that they could experience and share the Christmas story in a very hands on way.

Year 3 Easter Performance

On Tuesday 28th March Year Three pupils performed their Easter play ‘Roll back the Stone’ to their families having performed it to the school on the previous day. The children learnt lines, acted and sang songs to retell the story of Easter week and to explain the Easter as more than just chocolate treats. There were also a number of solo performances. The children did an amazing job in a busy week which  also included learning futures, so many congratulations to them and thanks to the grown ups who supported them. A special thank you goes to Mr Townley who played the piano for them, such a delight.

Easter Service

On Tuesday 4th April Mrs Spencer led our Easter Service. Mr Curtis came and talked to the children about ‘Easter Joy’. There were contributions from Isla Macloed-Irvine who sang a very moving solo of ‘When I think about the cross’.

Imogen Collins led the singing for ‘Roll back the Stone’ and Dagmar Caygill lead the singing for ‘King of the Jews’ , both songs from the Year Three Easter play.

Lucy Archer led the Easter prayer and Amy Davies did a Bible reading.

Thanks go to Mr Curtis for his support and finishing our service with a blessing.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

As a Church of England School we regularly have a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). Our last two inspections were in 2013 and 008 and on both occasions the school was awarded an outstanding grade. The inspection covers:

  • How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?
  • What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?
  • How effective is the Religious Education?
  • How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a church school?
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Spiritual development relates to that aspect of inner life through which pupils acquire insights into their personal experience which are of enduring worth.

Moral development is about the building, by pupils, of a framework of moral values which regulates their personal behaviour. It is also about the development of pupils’ understanding of society’s shared and agreed values.

Social development is about young people working effectively with each other and participating successfully in the community as a whole. It is about the development of the skills and personal qualities necessary for living and working together. It is about functioning effectively in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society.

Cultural development is about pupils’ understanding their own culture and other cultures in their town, region and in the country as a whole. It is about understanding cultures represented in Europe and elsewhere in the world.                    
Our SMSC Policy is available to view on the Polices tab of our website

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